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Creating a World of Well-Being!

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The Science of Positive Psychology 

Will Transform Your Life!

When You Learn the Genetic Differences Between the Female and Male Brains, Your Relationships Will Be Transformed! 

Did You Know that Your Functional Birth Order Has a Profound Affect on Your Behavior as an Adult? Wouldn't You Like to Know More? 

We Can Predict With 95% Accuracy the Success or Failure of Your Relationship Based Solely on Your Positivity Ratios as a Couple!  Want to Insure the Long Term Happiness of Your Relationship?  Measure Yours at www.positvityratio.com.  It Takes 2 Minutes!

Understand How Your Genetic Predispositions Contribute to Your Behavior!  Learn What You Can Do to Dramatically Change Your Behavior that Will Enable You to Create Happiness and Well-Being!

Hypnosis is a Form of Meditation and Focused Relaxation that Will Transform Your Unconscious Mind, Your Habits, Your Automatic Responses, Your Decisions, and Your Behavior in Ways that Will Surprise You!

Relationship Counseling, Hypnosis, Sex Therapy, Career Counseling, Life Coaching, 

Life Planning, Marriage and Family Therapy, Creating Happiness and Well-Being, 

Resolving Interpersonal Conflict, Divorce Mediation, Resolving 

Conflict at Work, Creating a Flourishing Life!